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ASUS ROG Fall 2021

Game: StarCraft 2 Starts: Fri, Sep 17th 2021, 14:00 EEST Ends: Sun, Sep 19th 2021, 23:00 EEST

 ASUS ROG Tournaments return with an online StarCraft II tournament on September 17-19, 2021, featuring 16 world-class players, and a prize pool of  $15,000 USD and 1,280 EPT points.

It is a great time to be a StarCraft II fan. The title of World Champion has been joinked from South Korea for the second time in history, and the competition is as stiff as ever on international and regional fields. It feels like the global events especially are delivering some of the best StarCraft II matches and storylines in recent years. Despite the still ongoing global pandemic, esports is thriving, and the SC2 scene continues to amaze us. We are lucky to be part of this community, and as fellow SC2 fans it is with great pleasure and pride that we bring you a new global event, ASUS ROG Fall 2021.

ASUS ROG Fall 2021 is held on September 17-19, and it follows the notes of our previous event from last year, ASUS ROG Online 2020. As the pandemic continues and we are not yet able to host offline events, we are happy the previous event proved online ASUS ROG Tournaments can be awesome too! ASUS ROG Fall 2021 will have three days of action in the familiar GSL-style format, and sixteen players competing for the $15,000 USD cash prize. In addition, the tournament will be part of the current ESL Pro Tour, distributing a total of 1,280 EPT points among the sixteen participants!

Half of the 16 competing players will enter the tournament via an invitation, and the other half will enter through open qualifiers. The invitations are based on the EPT rankings on Monday, August 23, with the top four from both World and Korea regions receiving an invite. The qualifiers will be held on August 31 through September 4 on American, European, and Korean servers without region locks. The best three will advance from the American and European servers while the best two will grab a spot from the Korean qualifier.

The main tournament will be broadcasted on in English with the commentary provided by Kevin “RotterdaM” van der Kooi and Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker. And as always, we welcome the community to provide additional foreign language streams.


  • Dates: Fri-Sun, 17-19 September, 2021
  • Place: Online
  • Players: 16
  • Prize pool: $15,000 USD + 1,280 ESL Pro Tour points
  • Format: GSL group stage & single elimination playoffs
  • Participation: Invites (8 players) and online qualifiers (8 players), no region lock
  • Tournament ruleslink
  • Wiki: Liquipedia
  • Twitter@ROGtournament
  • Replay pack: TBA



All times in CEST.

Friday, 17 September
13:00 -- ~18:00 — Group A
18:00 -- ~23:00 — Group B
Saturday, 18 September
13:00 -- ~18:00 — Group C
18:00 -- ~23:00 — Group D
Sunday, 19 September
​13:00 -- ~18:00 — Quarter-Finals
~18:00 -- 21:00 — Semi-Finals
~21:00 -- 22:30 — Final

Group matches are bo3. Playoffs matches are bo5 except the final is a bo7.
Groups start with a fixed time but group matces are played with acceledated schedule.
Playoffs are played with accelerated schedule.


English main stream will be provided on at

We welcome the community to provide additional streams in other languages. However, the qualifiers are open for all languages, English streams included. If you wish to broadcast the qualifiers or the main event, please send us an application preferably before September 8 using this form.

Main Stream


Other Streams

 O'Gaming TV
 YouTube / Twitch

Broadcast Talent

  • Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi
  • Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker


The prize pool the tournament is $15,000 USD and 1,280 ESL Pro Tour points. They will be distributed as follows:

1st: $6,000 + 250 EPT points
2nd: $3,000 + 180 EPT points
3rd-4th: $1,500 + 125 EPT points
5th-8th: $750 + 75 EPT points
9th-12th: 50 EPT points
13th-16th: 25 EPT points


The tournament will be played with one GSL-style double-elimination group stage followed by a single-elimination playoff stage. In the group stages, the 16 contestants will be divided into four groups consisting of 4 players each. The top two players in each group will proceed to the next stage.

All the matches in the groups are bo3, and the playoffs matches are best-of-5 except for the final which is a best-of-7 match.


The tournament is a global online event and open to all players. To earn ESL Pro Tour points, the player must meet the requirements set in the EPT Structure and Regulations document.

There are two ways to gain one of the 16 spots in the tournament — either by receiving a direct invite or through an online qualification tournament.


Note that the qualifiers require you to hold Master or Grandmaster rank in any ladder to enter the tournament.

Each of the qualifiers are held in two parts to prevent them for running very late into the night.

Korea Server Qualifier - Top 2 qualifies
Tuesday, Aug 31, 18:00 KST - Part 1, Rounds 1-5
Wednesday, Sep 1, 18:00 KST - Part 2, Rounds 6->

Europe Server Qualifier - Top 3 qualifies
Wednesday, Sep 1, 18:00 CEST - Part 1, Rounds 1-5
Thursday, Sep 2, 18:00 CEST - Part 2, Rounds 6->

American Server Qualifier - Top 3 qualifies
Thursday, Sep 2, 17:00 PST - Part 1, Rounds 1-5
Friday, Sep 3, 17:00 PST - Part 2, Rounds 6->


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