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ASUS ROG Fall 2021 - Korea Qualifier

Game: StarCraft 2 Starts: Tue, Aug 31st 2021, 12:00 EEST Ends: Wed, Sep 1st 2021, 15:40 EEST

This is the Korea Server qualifier for the ASUS ROG Fall 2021 StarCraft II tournament held online on September 17-19, 2021. This qualifier is based on the Korean server. The top two players will earn a spot in the main tournament. Note that this qualifier is played in two parts on consecutive days August 31 & September 1.


In order to participate, you need to add your battletag (e.g. Player#123) from Dashboard --> Add game.
Failure to do so might result in removal before brackets are generated.

Format update: The tournament is full double elimination as there was not more than 32 players checked in.

Schedule update:
Tuesday August 31 - UB Rounds Ro32-Ro2 & LB Rounds Ro16-Ro8
Wednesday September 1 - UB Round Ro2 (if not played already) & LB Rounds Ro4-Ro2


  • Server: Korea
  • Dates: August 31 - September 1, 2021
  • Maps: Ladder Season 3, veto before match
  • Format: Single elimination into double elimination on Ro16, all matches bo3
  • Sign-up end time: August 31, 17:00 KST (11.00 EEST)
  • Check-in start time: 17:00 KST (12:00 EEST) - button appears on the right
  • Start time: 18:00 KST (12:00 EEST)
  • chat channel: ASUSROG (also ASUSROG2 if needed)
  • Requirement: Master or Grandmaster on any server
  • Ruleshere
  • Discord chat

How to participate

  1. Login or signup
  2. Add your game account
  3. Click the signup button on this page (located on the right side bar)
  4. Click the check-in button when it's time (also on the right)
  5. Join the chat channel ASUSROG (ASUSROG2 if full)
  6. Wait for the bracket to appear
  7. Start your matches ASAP, GL HF!
  8. Remember the lower bracket starting from Ro16
  9. Follow the schedule below

Maps Ladder Season 3 map pool is used:

  • 2000 Atmospheres LE
  • Beckett Industries LE
  • Blackburn LE
  • Jagannatha LE
  • Lightshade LE
  • Oxide LE
  • Romanticide LE

Map vetoes

Before each match both players veto out two maps out of the map pool one by one in turns, leaving three maps to be played.

The player on the left side on the match page (top on bracket view) decides who starts the vetoes.

In short the map vetoes and picks are ABBA BAC. Players remove maps in ABBA order. Then the players take turns (BA) picking the map order from the maps that are left, starting from the first map that will be played. Player B picks the 1st map.


All matches are played on the Korean server unless players mutually agree otherwise. Read more from the rules.


The tournament starts as a single elimination bracket and changes into a double elimination bracket from round-of-16 onwards. This means that if you lose on Ro16 you may continue in the lower bracket. However, if there are 32 players or fewer total checked in, the whole tournament will be played in double elimination format. All matches are best-of-3.

The tournament will cease when top two players are decided. The grand final is not played.


Day 1 - August 31
17:00 KST (11:00 EEST) - Signup ends & Check-in starts
18:00 KST (12:00 EEST) - Round 1 - UB Ro32
ASAP - Round 2 - UB Ro16 & LB Ro16s1
ASAP - Round 3 - UB Ro8 & LB Ro16s2
ASAP - Round 4 - UB Ro4 & LB Ro8s1
ASAP - Round 5 - UB Ro2 & LB Ro8s2

Day 2 - September 1
18:00 KST (12:00 EEST) - Round 6 - LB Ro4s1
ASAP - Round 7 - LB Ro4s2
ASAP - Round 8 - LB Ro2s1
ASAP - Round 9 - LB Ro2s2


The first 128 players to check-in will enter the tournament. The check-in button will appear on the right on this page when check-in starts.

Note that you need to be in Master or Grandmaster league on any server to be eligible to play.

Reporting scores

Only the winner of the match reports the score. To report, click on your match from the bracket and add match rounds. In trouble, see this guide.


If you wish to broadcast the qualifier, please fill out this form.

Below is a list of approved streamers. If the lobby gets full, priority streamers are entitled to stay starting from top.

Additional streams:


Meet players and admins during the tournament at chat channel ASUSROG
If the channel is full, use ASUSROG2

Discord chat


Mikael "Mixu" Helenius Mixu#21902
Discord: Mixu#7371

Jan-Kristian "Spira" Herring Spira#2498
Discord: spira#5822

Juho "Azhrak" Nieminen
Email: juho.nieminen åt Azhrak#2452 | US | EU | KR 
Discord: Azhrak#9347

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