Assembly Winter 2021 Among Us Qualifiers

Game: Among Us Starts: Sun, Mar 14th 2021, 13:00 EET Ends: Sun, Mar 14th 2021, 22:00 EET


  • Place: Online Tournament 
  • Prizes: Top 4
  • Participation: Sign-up required, finnish languange required
  • Participants: 27 players and 5 backup players
  • Requirements:
    • minimun age limit 16 (k-16)
    • Discord id
    • Steam
    • gaming hours

Send the requirements in discord to $nipa#7139

  • Platform: PC (You cannot participate on mobile device) 
  • Sign-up: Until March 13th, 13:00 EET
  • Discordhttps://discordapp.com/invite/Assembly 
  • Check-in: March 14 from 11:30 to 12:30 EET in discord private chat with one of the admins.
  • Admins: Snipa (discord id: $nipa#7139), bless (bLess#8007), Casualli (casualli#5019), Kimppa12 (Kimppa12#4537) 

How to participate

  1. Login or signup
  2. Click the signup button on this page (located on the right side bar)
  3. Send the requirements in discord to $nipa#7139
  4. Join the Discord server
  5. Check-in in discord private chat with one of the admins, check time above
  6. A video of how to cretate a team and join a tournament can be seen here



1. Logitech G413keyboard + 1 month C More Total

2. Logitech G503 mouse + 1 month C More 

3. Qck heavy XXL mousemat  1 month C more

Top 4 players gets a spot to the influencer tournament. 



 Sunday 14th of March

A-bracket 13:00 - 15:00

B-bracket 15:10 - 17:10

C-bracket 17:20 - 19:20

Finale 19:30 - 21:30

General rules

These rules apply for all casual tournaments in Assembly Winter 2021.

  • All participants agree to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.
  • All player names, pictures and team names must be appropriate and respectful.
  • All participants must do a check-in in discord private message with an admin during the tournament specific check-in time to be able to participate in the tournament. Even if you have done a check-in for another tournament earlier, you must repeat it for all the tournaments you are participating in. 
  • Minimum of ten participants in every tournament may be required for the prizes to be paid out in full. 
  • Administration of the tournament has the last word in any and all disputes and can make decisions outside the specified rules if needed.

Game rules

 Among Us säännöt

Sääntöihin voi tulla muutoksia, joista ilmoitamme


If there are any issues always inform admins.

Failure to adhere to these rules may lead to a warning, round loss or disqualification from the tournament to the player and/or the whole team.


2. Liekki
3. Mcjapi
4. Coflor
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