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Super Smash bros. Melee Singles tournament

Game: Super Smash Bros Melee Starts: Sat, Feb 22nd 2020, 13:00 EET Ends: Sat, Feb 22nd 2020, 18:00 EET


Super Smash bros. Melee is a crossover fighting game for the Nintendo GameCube. It became GameCube’s best-selling title with over seven million copies sold by 2008.


Dates: Saturday, 22nd of February
Place: Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland. Smash bros. Booth.
Player cap: 32
Format: Round Robin Pools where the best players move to the Double elimination Bracket.
Equipment: Bring your own gamecube controller. We have some spare ones but not enough for everyone.

Sign-up starts: instantly
Sign-up closes: Saturday, 22nd of February 12:45
Check-in: Saturday, 22nd of February 11-12:45  at Smash bros. booth.




Game Settings:

  • Stocks: 4
  • Timer: 8 minutes
  • Handicap: Off
  • Damage Ratio: 1.0
  • Items: Off
  • Pause: Off
  • Friendly Fire: On

Stage List

Stages are designated as either “Starters” or “Counterpicks.” Starter stages are available during Stage Striking (as defined later) and Counterpicks are only available during subsequent stage picks.

Starter Stages

  • Yoshi's story
  • Fountain of Dreams (Singles only)
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Dream Land 64

Counterpick Stages

  • Pokemon Stadium

Match Procedure

The following steps outline the process of playing a Match:

  1. Players select their characters. Players may not use the Name Entry glitch to play as any other characters than those regularly selectable from the Character Select Screen.
  2. Decide stage strike order with rock-paper-scissors. The winner starts.
  3. Use Stage Striking to determine the first stage.
  4. The Players play the first Game of the Match.
  5. Winning Player of the preceding Game bans a stage.
  6. The losing Player of the preceding Game picks a stage for the next Game.
  7. The winning Player of the preceding Game may choose to change characters.
  8. The losing Player of the preceding Game may choose to change characters.
  9. The next Game is played.
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for all subsequent Games until the Match is complete. Report your scores to the tournament organizer.


“Stage Striking” is defined as removing stages from the Starter list to decide the stage for the first Game. The Player with first strike strikes first, followed by the other Player striking two stages, followed by the Player with first strike striking one more stage. The remaining stage from the Starter list is used for the first Game.

Smash Finland recommended ruleset for Super Smash bros. Melee (Finnish only): 


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