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OMEN by HP: Ring of Elysium BYOC

Game: Ring of Elysium Starts: Thu, Aug 1st 2019, 17:30 EEST Ends: Sat, Aug 3rd 2019, 17:00 EEST

This is the BYOC tournament for Ring of Elysium at Assembly Summer 2019.

Participation requires a computer place and your own computer at the event. The tournament is sponsored by OMEN by HP & game-developer Aurora Studio.

General information

  • Dates: Friday, August 2. - Saturday, August 3., 2019.
  • Place: Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Ticketstickets.assembly.org
  • Discord: Assembly Discord (Team Captain needs to be present on Discord throughout the tournament).
  • Teams: 24 teams of 3 players.
  • Prizes: Product prizes and in-game rewards.
  • Format: Ashen Eye (~12 mins / game) - Initial rounds; 8 games, finals; 6 games.
  • Participation: Computer tickets mandatory, computer places must be listed on team profile.
  • Sign-up: Monday 15.07.2019 - Friday 2.8.2019 20.25
  • Check-in: Friday 2.8.2019 14.00 - 20.30
  • All times listed in GMT+3 / EEST / Finnish local time

How to participate

  1. Login or signup.
  2. Create a team and list all the members of the team and their computer seats in the description.
  3. Click the signup button on this page (located on the right side bar).
  4. Join the Discord server.
  5. Check-in at Casual Admins Desk on Friday 2.8.2019 at 14:30 - 20:30.


Prize-packets given to all team members:

  1. HP OMEN 400 mouse + HP OMEN Mouse Pad 300 + 5000 EP + Big Joe - Divine Inquisitor skin

  2. HP OMEN 400 mouse + 3000 EP

  3. HP OMEN 300 mouse pad + 2000 EP

  4. 1000 EP to all remaining participants in the tournament awarded by Aurora Studios.



Thursday, August 1st

  • 17.30 Server testing, optional

Friday, August 2nd

  • 20.30 Check-in ultimatum at Casual Admins Desk
  • 21.00 Initial groups; 8 Rounds of Ashen Eye

Saturday, August 3rd

  • 14.00 Finals; 6 rounds of Ashen Eye



  • Initial rounds: all teams present
  • Finals: 18/24 of the remaining teams present


  • Ring of Elysium must be up-to-date prior to rounds commencing.
  • Players have 10 minutes to connect to a game once the details have been sent to Team Captains.
  • There's a break of 5 minutes inbetween every round.
  • Matches will be played on private tournament servers. Connection details will be disclosed per stage.
  • Team Captain must be present and reachable on Discord throughout the rounds' active hours.
  • All participants agree to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.

General rules for all the BYOC-tournaments

These rules apply for all the BYOC-tournaments in Assembly Summer 2019.

  • All participants agree to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.
  • All player names, pictures and team names must be appropriate and respectful.
  • All participants must add their computer place to their TMS profile.
  • All the tournament matches must be played from your own computer place, from your own computer, with the exception of the Hearthstone tournaments in which you can play from anywhere in the venue. We do not have separate areas reserved for players participating in casual tournaments.
  • All participants must do a check-in at Casual Admins desk during the tournament specific check-in time to be able to participate in the tournament. Even if you have done a check-in for another tournament earlier, you must repeat it for all the tournaments you are participating in. 
  • For team games a minimum of 2 players from the team must be present during the check-in.
  • Minimum of ten participants in every tournament may be required for the prizes to be paid out in full. 
  • Failure to adhere to these rules or the game specific rules may lead to a warning or disqualification from the tournament to the player and/or the whole team.
  • Administration of the tournament has the last word in any and all disputes and can make decisions outside the specified rules if deemed necessary.


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