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Assembly Summer 2019 PUBG BYOC

Game: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Starts: Thu, Aug 1st 2019, 20:00 EEST Ends: Fri, Aug 2nd 2019, 20:00 EEST

This is the BYOC tournament for PUBG at Assembly Summer 2019 played on Thursday-Friday, August 1st to 2nd. Participation requires a computer slot and your own computer at the event. 

ATTENTION! Players must check-in at Casual Admins desk. | HUOMIO! Pelaajien tulee käydä hoitamassa check-in Casual Adminien pisteellä.

  • Dates: Thursday, August 1 & Friday, August 2, 2019.
  • Place: Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
  • Teams: 32
  • Prizes: TBA
  • Format: BO4 Qualifiers, BO4 Final
  • Participation: BYOC, Open On-site Qualifiers
  • Ticketstickets.assembly.org
  • Discord:https://discordapp.com/invite/Assembly (#pubg)
  • Check-in: Thursday, August 1, 18:00--20:00 at Casual Admins desk


All participants of Assembly Summer 2019 with computer ticket can participate in the tournament. Qualifiers consists from 2 groups and each group has 32 teams. After qualifiers top 8 teams from each group will proceed to the final. Participants are required to have their own computer.

How to participate

  1. Login or signup.
  2. Create a team and list all the members of the team and their computer seats in the description.
  3. Click the signup button on this page (located on the right side bar).
  4. Join the Discord server.
  5. Check-in at the venue on Thursday, August 1, 18:00--20:00 EET.


  1. To be announced.

  2. To be announced.

  3. To be announced.


Thursday, August 1

  1. 18:00--20:00 Check-in at Casual Admins desk
  2. 20:00 Group stage begins

Friday, February 2

  1. 14:00 Final rounds commence, top 3 teams will be rewarded


Qualifiers BO4
3x Erangel & 1x Miramar

Final BO4
3x Erangel & 1x Miramar

The order of the maps will be released later.


1. General rules

1.1 The tournament organizer and judges have the right to change the rules so that special situations can be resolved to ensure a fair game.

1.2 Make sure you have the latest version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

1.3 Respect tournament organizers, players, and viewers, and avoid any kind of unsportsmanship during the event. The tournament organizer and the judges have the right to remove the player / players from the tournament if they are disrupted.

1.4 All programs that are not part of the original game, including game file editing, are prohibited during the tournament. Audio programs such as teamspeak, discord etc. are allowed during the tournament.

1.5 All the tournament matches must be played from your own computer place, from your own computer! Assembly Summer 2019 own rules will also apply during the tournament. Read Assembly general BYOC rules below!

2. Rules for the tournament

2.1 Players, team names and logos must remain within the limits of good taste. No sexuality, racism, terrorism or any other offensive affair may occur in the name. Tournament judges can be contacted if you think that your own username or team name is suspicious and you want to be sure that you can use it in the tournament.

2.2 Protest can only be done when all games in your own qualifier group are played/after the finals. The protest can only be made by the team captain directly to the tournament head admin or judges. All protests must be made within 10 minutes of the end of the last game. Pauses are not used during the game to make protests. The cases are handled by the admins after the match.

*For example, a false protest is a suspicion that an error has occurred in the calculation of the results. After that, the judge checks the counts with the protester and if the results are correct, this is a false protest and the team is reduced by -50 points.

2.3 Participating in the tournament requires a team of at least four players. Less than four players will not be allowed to participate or play in the tournament. If one or more players become sick before the tournament, immediately contact the organizers of the tournament and look for potential substitutes!

3. Game Rules

3.1 Game mode: Squad FPP.

3.2 In qualifiers each group plays three Erangel maps and one Miramar map. Please note that the order of the maps is random in every group!

3.3 No red zone.

3.4 Circle Settings: Modified (see the picture below).

Circle settings


Erangel and Miramar

  • Spawn Rate multiplier 2x
  • AR 3x
  • Sniper Rifles 1.5x
  • DMR 1.5x
  • Attachments 3x
  • Medical supplies 3x
  • LVL 2 Gear 2x
  • Throwables 2x
  • LVL 3 Helmet 0x

3.5 Point system

+ 16 point/kill

  • 1st place: 400 points
  • 2nd place: 330 points
  • 3rd place: 280 points
  • 4th place: 240 points
  • 5th place: 210 points
  • 6th place: 180 points
  • 7th place: 150 points
  • 8th place: 120 points
  • 9th place: 100 points
  • 10th place: 80 points
  • 11th place: 60 points
  • 12th place: 40 points
  • 13th place: 30 points
  • 14th place: 20 points
  • 15th place: 10 points
  • 16th place: 0 points

If two teams end up in same points situation, the number of kills is determined. If the kills are same, consider who has been better placed in earlier games.

3.6 Sharing the password of a game lobby to others is prohibited!

If you share the password with outsiders, it will result in the rejection of the entire team from the tournament. Write the lobby password in memory, the qualifying games have the same password and in the finals your own, which is announced to the captains of the teams in the finals.

3.7 There is a 10-minute break between all games. Joining in the new lobby is included in the break. If the whole team / part of the team is missing after break and they have not informed the judges of the matter, the game begins without them.

4. Penalties

4.1 Tournament admins have the right to give penalty points if the rules are violated. Tournament admins will handle each case individually. Examples:

  • REASON: Game hacking or file editing
  • PENALTY: Team disqualified
  • REASON: The team includes a person who does not have a ticket for Assembly but is played online.
  • PENALTY: Team disqualified
  • REASON: Unsportsmanship behavior or otherwise disturbing behavior
  • PENALTY: Case-specific punishment
  • REASON: Abuse of a Glitch or Bug
  • PENALTY: Case-specific punishment
  • REASON: Replacing a player without a permission from admins
  • PENALTY: -100 points
  • REASON: Wrongly Found Protest (See section ’’2.2 Protest’’)
  • PENALTY: -50 points

Participating players have the right to propose additional rules or to change a rule if they feel it is unfair or has a good change proposal. Changes can be made to the Head admin at Discord.

General rules for all the BYOC-tournaments

These rules apply for all the BYOC-tournaments in Assembly Summer 2019.

  • All participants agree to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.
  • All player names, pictures and team names must be appropriate and respectful.
  • All participants must add their computer place to their TMS profile.
  • All the tournament matches must be played from your own computer place, from your own computer, with the exception of the Hearthstone tournaments in which you can play from anywhere in the venue. We do not have separate areas reserved for players participating in casual tournaments.
  • All participants must do a check-in at Casual Admins desk during the tournament specific check-in time to be able to participate in the tournament. Even if you have done a check-in for another tournament earlier, you must repeat it for all the tournaments you are participating in. 
  • For team games a minimum of 2 players from the team must be present during the check-in.
  • Minimum of ten participants in every tournament may be required for the prizes to be paid out in full. 
  • Failure to adhere to these rules or the game specific rules may lead to a warning or disqualification from the tournament to the player and/or the whole team.
  • Administration of the tournament has the last word in any and all disputes and can make decisions outside the specified rules if deemed necessary.


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