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Pro Pilkki 2

Legendary ice fishing simulation Pro Pilkki 2 is now available in Windows Store, and it’s free.

Walk to ice, make a hole and pick a lure of your choice. Start catching fish and pull them up from the hole. Do it well enough to compete other fishermen and women and win the game! Game is a carefully balanced mixture of simulation and entertainment. Real-world fishers certainly know some tricks which help in the game. On the other hand – players with no experience in fishing suddenly know how to catch fish on real-world ice as well!

So get ready to explore the snowy landscapes of more than 40 frozen lakes, ponds and rivers. Challenge yourself in single player tournaments and when you think you're good enough, prove it to the other world by joining the public online games. Obviously, you can take another approach: join some relaxed network game just to enjoy the fishing atmosphere and take a chance to chat with other fishermen around.
This version includes single player game, multi-player game and network game hosting support. Game includes both local and global high score lists and automatic updates via the store system.

Network game is compatible with mobile version of the game (Pro Pilkki 2 Mobile).

Game supports both mouse and touch screen use.

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OMEN by HP: Assembly Summer 2019 Pro Pilkki 03.08.2019

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