ASUS ROG Online 2020 - Qualifier Rules

1. Information

ASUS ROG Online 2020 StarCraft II tournament is held online on November 27-29, 2020. The tournament consists of 16 players, from which eight are invited based on ESL Pro Tour points and eight are qualified. The prize pool is $15,000 USD and 1280 EPT points. The eight qualified players are determined in three online qualifier tournaments. This document outlines the rules for the qualifier tournaments.

1.1 Game

The tournament will be played on StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

The latest available game version (patch) will be used.

1.2. Tournament format

The tournament will contain a maximum of 256 players.

The tournament will be played with a double elimination bracket if 32 or less players check-in. If more than 32 players check-in, the tournament will start with a single elimination bracket and turn into a double elimination bracket in the last round before qualifying.

All matches are best-of-3.

The tournament will end when the correct amount of qualified players are determined as specified below:

  • Europe Server Qualifier - Top 3 qualify
  • America Server Qualifier - Top 3 qualify
  • Korea Server Qualifier - Top 2 qualify

1.3 Replacements

If any qualified players are unable to participate to the event, they should notify the administrators immediately via email to info@asusrogtournament.com.

If a qualified player cancels their participation, the opened tournament spot is first offered to the latest not-yet-qualified opponent of the cancelled player, then to the rest of the unqualified players from the same qualifier who were one round away from qualifying, and lastly the spot is offered to the not-yet-qualified players from the EU server qualifier starting from the latest possible rounds.

1.4. Administrators

Players should always address the administrators in a polite and respectful way.

An administrator has the final say in all matters. 

Under extreme circumstances administrators reserve the right to change the rules to ensure fair play.

2. General Rules

All players must have read and understood these rules before entering the tournament. Not understanding or not knowing the rules, are not valid excuses for breaking them.

2.1 Requirements

Each player must have a personal Battle.net account placed in Master or Grandmaster league in any server.

The account name must represent the player’s official handle or real name.

All qualifier tournaments are open to players in all regions.

2.2. Server

Each qualifier has a default server determined in the qualifier name (Europe, Korea, America).

All the matches in the qualifier are played on the default server unless

  • both of the players have a different closest server than the default one and
  • players mutually agree to switch the server.

In such an occasion, the destination server is decided by the table below on section 2.2.1

2.2.1 Agreeing on a different server location

The table in the following link determines the destination game server when the default server is not used and players can not mutually agree on a server.

Public Document: SC2 Default Server Cross-Table (ESL)

That the main event will use this table to determine the server locations in each match.

2.2.2 America Server Qualifier

The mutually fairest server, on which the ping of both players is closest to each other, should be used when selecting which American server to use. If fairest cannot be determined, America Central server is the default. 

2.3. Equipment

No macro functions on keyboards/mice are allowed to be used in any tournament games.

One mouse click or button press should trigger only one game command (rapid fire is allowed).

2.4. Timekeeping

The first match of the tournament starts as soon as the bracket is generated with a 15 minute grace period.

The following rounds are played as soon as the next opponent is found with 10 minute grace period, unless an admin states otherwise.

Should a player be late less than 5 minutes for the start of a match, the player will forfeit the first game of the match.

Should the player be more than 10 minutes late for the start of a match, the player will forfeit the whole match.

The players are allowed a maximum of 3 minute break between the games in a tournament match.

Administrators reserve the right to change these timings if circumstances require it.

2.5. Disconnects and computer failure

If a game is interrupted by a computer, network or software failure the game will be resumed using the Recover Game function. The game time is set a maximum of 5 in-game seconds before the disconnect.

Neither player is allowed to view the replay or details page (e.g. build order tab) of the game before it is fully finished.

2.6. Complaints

If a player wants to make a complaint about a game result, the player has to tell the administrator assigned to the match, before the next match starts.

If a player wants to object a game result ruled by an administrator, this has to take place before the next game.

2.7. Replays

After every game, both players must save the replay of the game and store is at least for 2 weeks after the match.

Uploading the replay file to the tournament system while reposting scores is not mandatory but recommended.

Replays are not be published without permission.

2.8. Maps

The tournament map pool includes the 2020 Ladder Season 3 maps:

  • Deathaura LE (2)
  • Jagannatha LE (2)
  • Lightshade LE (2)
  • Oxide LE (2)
  • Pillars of Gold LE (2)
  • Romanticide LE (2)
  • Submarine LE (2)

Every tournament game will be played on maps from the tournament map pool only.

If the players are required to create the game for themselves, both players have to check that the game is played on the right map and on the correct version of the map. If neither of the players complains about the map version in the first 5 minutes of the game, the game will be played on the selected map unless an admin decides otherwise.

Streamed games should be created with WCS GameHeart Mod (battlenet://starcraft/map/2/169989).

2.9. Map vetoes

The player on the left side on the match page (top on bracket view) decides who starts the vetoes.

In a best of X match, the players remove a map from the pool until X maps are left. The removal is done in ABBA order: Player A, Player  B, Player B, Player A, etc. Then the players take turns picking the map order from the maps that are left, starting from the first map that will be played. Player B picks the 1st map in bo3, and Player A picks first in bo5 and bo7.

In short, the vetoes and picks are

  • Bo3: ABBA BAC
  • Bo5: AB ABABC
  • Bo7: ABABABC

2.9.1 Example 1

  1. Players T and Z play a best-of-3 (bo3) match
  2. Player Z is determined to be the first to veto.
  3. Player Z removes Blueshift 
  4. Player T removes Kairos Junction
  5. Player T removes Automaton
  6. Player Z removes Port Aleksander
  7. Para Site, Cerulean Fall and Stasis are left in the pool.
  8. Player T picks Para Site as the first map
  9. Player Z picks Stasis as the second map
  10. Cerulean Fall is played third if necessary

2.9.2 Example 2

  1. Players P and T play a best-of-5 (bo5)
  2. Player P is determined to be the first to veto.
  3. Player P removes Port Aleksander
  4. Player T removes Kairos Junction
  5. 5 maps are left
  6. Player P picks the 1st map to be played
  7. Player T picks the 2nd map to be played
  8. Player P picks the 3rd map to be played
  9. Player T picks the 4th map to be played
  10. The 5th map is the one remaining map

2.10. Punishments

Should a player purposely attempt to sabotage the games, another player or an administrator in any way, the player will be disqualified.

Inappropriate behaviour towards other players, casters or the administrators may result in a disqualification.

3. In game rules

3.1. Chatting

No excessive chatting is allowed in the game. If the need to chat occurs the players must be straight to the point and polite. Ideally the only chat in each game will be at the start and when a player surrenders the game.

No chat is ever permitted from a player to an outside party during a tournament match, or from an outside party to the player, unless the outside party is an administrator.

Typing "gg" after 30 seconds means surrendering. If you type it the game might be considered forfeit even if you wish to continue playing.

3.2. Communication

During a match players may not communicate with anyone except with the opponent and tournament admins.

3.3. Game settings

Each tournament game is played with the following options:

  • Map Options
    • Mode: Faster
    • Locked Alliances: Yes
    • Game Privacy: Normal or No Build Order
  • StarCraft II Options
    • Window mode: Fullscreen or Fullscreen (Windowed)
    • Automatic Replay Save: ON
    • Online status: Busy
    • Toast Notifications: OFF

3.4. Bugs and Misuse

No abuse of game breaking bugs is allowed in any tournament match. Normal mechanics that can be considered bug-like are naturally allowed (such as mineral walk, pylon walk). If you are unsure about some mechanics, ask an administrator.

3.5. Observers and Streaming

No observers are allowed in any tournament games, except for approved streamers and administrators.

Broadcasted online matches should have at least 3 minutes of delay.

Players may not watch or listen to any streams of the tournament while playing.

3.6. Pausing

If a player must pause the game due to technical difficulties the player must if possible tell the opponent about this before pausing.

If a game is paused without a reasonable explanation such as a technical difficulty the game might result in a forfeit.

3.7. Race-picking

The same rules for picking a single race apply for picking Random as well.

Each player signs up to the tournament with one set race. If a player wants to change the race before a match, an administrator must be notified, and the new race must be played throughout the whole match.

As soon as a player joins or creates a game he is to choose his playing race.

3.8. Draws and stalemates

If a player deliberately plays for a stalemate in order to prolong the game, the administrators hold the right to decide the outcome of the game.

If there is a natural stalemate and the game ends up in a tie, the game will be replayed from the start